Career Coaching

Our academic advising counselors, also known as career coaches, help put student goals in perspective after analyzing and developing a profile of each individual student. At Premier Prep™ we take a highly individualized approach to learning and setting goals. Our career coaches are highly experienced and can help your child become an outstanding candidate when college application time comes.

Private Tutoring

At Premier Prep™, we pride ourselves on our private one-on-one tutoring. Premier Prep’s™ business model revolves around focused one-on-one tutoring. Our private tutors are highly experienced and bring a unique learning and teaching approach. We believe every student has a different thought and learning process and our one-on-one tutoring is aimed at providing a fun and effective method of learning.

Test Prep

Our test prep techniques are truly unique in that we tailor our prep courses to suit and accommodate each student's learning needs. With our strong focus on one-on-one and semi-private tutoring courses, our tutors work on understanding student needs to better develop individualized learning methods. This translates to more effective learning, better knowledge retention, and higher test scores.

Online Tutoring

Our private tutoring extends beyond the walls of our tutoring center. We do everything from house calls to online tutoring. Our online tutoring revolves on an innovative platform using common programs such as Skype, GoToMeeting, and online white boards. Our online private tutoring is often catered to students in college and students who are unable to access our physical location. Our online tutoring services are also highly flexible with timings and scheduling. Graduate and undergraduate students, as well as high school students, find our online tutoring services highly beneficial in terms of accommodating their academic needs and scheduling.

Premier Prep™: The Go-To Destination for Private Tutoring, Exam Prep and Academic Advising