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Academic Advising Counselors/Career Coaches

Our academic advising counselors, also known as career coaches, help put student goals in perspective after analyzing and developing a profile of each individual student. At Premier Prep™ we take a highly individualized approach to learning and setting goals. Our career coaches are highly experienced and can help your child become an outstanding candidate when college application time comes. We understand that it isn’t just purely about academics and it’s a balance of everything ranging from athletics, summer jobs, summer programs, and other extracurricular activities to academics.

For graduate students and individuals headed towards an established professional path, our career coaches can help you build the right image by focusing on your personal digital brand. Simply put, what does social media and professional media like LinkedIn portray you as? Additionally, our career coaches can provide the necessary networking tools to find your way to your ideal internship or job as you work through graduate school.

* Everyone is offered a free initial consultation with one of our career coaches/academic advising counselors.

Package Description
Hourly Consultation Ideal for students looking for an initial or follow-up consultation. Flat rate of $100/hr.
Comprehensive Private School Admission Package (K - 12) Package includes private school research and profile creation, student profile development, and admissions assistance.
Comprehensive Undergraduate College Admission Package Package includes determining target colleges, application process assistance, financial aid application processing, and focused research for student exam requirements for targeted colleges.
Undergraduate College Application & Essay College application processing and essay writing help. Students will be paired up with English tutor to craft the perfect essay(s) and personal statement required for college applications.
International College/International Student Undergraduate Comprehensive Package

This package is tailored for students applying from foreign countries to US/Canadian Universities and Colleges.

The package includes certified credit evaluation, immigration and visa assistance, application processing, work-study application, and determining ideal colleges and universities based on targeted academic and career goals.

Comprehensive Graduate College Admission Package This package provides graduate college admission assistance ranging from application processing assistance, financial aid analysis and application, merit evaluation for scholarships, and determining the ideal colleges based on career goals.
Comprehensive International Graduate College Admission Package This package identical features to the Graduate College Admission Package. Additionally, clients will be provided visa and immigration aid, post graduate job search and internship assistance, as well as work-study evaluation.

How do I make my college application stand out?

Making a college application stand out is no simple task and requires a good amount research and guidance. Premier Prep™ offers student services where our experienced advising counselors will create a profile for each individual students. Our counselors will work with you and your child on a one-on-one basis to determine how to highlight academics, extracurricular activities, athletics, SAT or ACT scores, and anything else that may apply to the college application process. We believe each student has something unique to offer to a college and our professional counselors will take the time to determine how to make yourself stand out. Additionally, Premier Prep™ student services includes admissions essay analysis and tutoring to help better portray yourself through application essays.

Common Application vs. College or University specific Application

When it comes time to apply to colleges, there are a number of factors to consider. Once you’ve made your decision on which colleges to go after, it is important to determine which application is best for you. Students may often find it quite convenient to use the Common Application (Common App) as opposed to individual college specific applications. There is no specific advantage or disadvantage over using either application in terms of one’s admission chances.

The Common App

The Common app is accepted by a number of colleges and universities across the United States.

It allows for a single application to be used by numerous colleges that you will be applying to. Simply put, this means you don’t have to fill out numerous applications.