Services Private Tutoring

At Premier Prep™, we pride ourselves on our private one-on-one tutoring. Premier Prep’s™ business model revolves around focused one-on-one tutoring. Our private tutors are highly experienced and bring a unique learning and teaching approach. We believe every student has a different thought and learning process and our one-on-one tutoring is aimed at providing a fun and effective method of learning.

Our private tutoring is suited for anything ranging from AP exam preparation to regular homework help and assistance with staying on top of all of your child’s classes.

Package Description
All students K - 12 Ideal for students looking for one-time help. Package options available for students looking for year round private tutoring.
All Undergraduate College/Continuing Education Students Online tutoring provides a convenient option complementing our traditional in-center tutoring for both graduate and undergrad students. Tutors are available for virtually every subject and nearly any major.
All Graduate/Professional School Students Our graduate private tutors are highly qualified professionals with industry experience and acumen.

Every student that registers for private tutoring is provided a free consultation with Premier Prep’s™ professional academic advising counselors. Our private tutors work hand in hand with the advising counselors to understand a student’s goals and develop a regular schedule and timed approach to reaching these goals.